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How to Find the Best Office Cleaning Services

The first step to finding office cleaning services in Melbourne is to search online for reviews about each company. Check for punctuality, attention to detail, and exceptional service. If you find any negative reviews, read them carefully. Google is an excellent source for office cleaning companies, but beware of ads – disgruntled customers and employees often write them. In addition, local newspapers often feature ads for different cleaning companies. Again, please read these carefully, as they may reflect poorly on the company.

Cost per square foot of office cleaning services

office cleaning services in MelbourneThe cost per square foot of office cleaning services in Melbourne will vary. For example, a typical 10,000-square-foot business office will have a CEO office, four offices, four bathrooms, a customer service area, a lunch room, and a showroom. The cost per square foot will also include cleaning all floors, including the front windows. Larger offices, such as a 20,000 square foot commercial building, will pay around $180 to $300 per square foot.

The labour involved in office cleaning services

The labour involved in office cleaning services in Melbourne varies by location and size. While some services may charge by the hour, others charge per square foot. Depending on your location, a deep clean may require more labour. Additionally, the dirtier your office is, the more time it will take to clean. Therefore, you can charge more for a deep clean than a surface-level cleaning. Regardless of the method you choose, it would help if you determined how long it will take for the cleaning staff to complete each task.

The lack of available employees is an issue that has affected virtually every industry in 2021. “The Great Resignation” refers to the massive employee quits this year. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 11.5 million workers resigned in the second quarter of 2021, showing no sign of slowing. As of August 2021, resignations reached a record high, concentrated primarily in retail, and continued into the food and hospitality industries.

Impact on employee engagement

The environment in an office is crucial for employee engagement. In being productive, employees must be emotionally invested in their work and feel supported in their roles. The environment should be clean and comfortable to improve morale and performance. Creating a positive company culture also requires strong leadership and supportive colleagues. Employees must understand how their work contributes to the organisation’s success and be motivated by a common goal.

An office should be a safe environment. A company’s employees should feel that their work is essential and appreciated. If employees feel valued and appreciated, they will be more motivated to perform well at work and stay with the company for a long time. Employee engagement is vital to any company’s culture, and office cleaning services can make a difference. The right program can improve the employee experience and boost employee satisfaction.

Increase in productivity

Office cleaning can be time-consuming and disruptive. Unclean workspaces reduce productivity and can result in sick days and reduced concentration. Hiring a professional office cleaning service can alleviate these issues, freeing up valuable time employees might spend on other tasks. Plus, office cleaning services ensure a healthy working environment and help reduce employee stress. Regular cleaning your office can reduce stress and enhance employee performance, which could help reduce sick days and increase overall profitability.

The CDC estimates that sick days cost businesses $225 billion per year. Additionally, it’s estimated that the average employee works 27.7 days while sick every year, which means they are much less productive than they would be otherwise. Therefore, offering your employees the benefits of a healthy work environment makes sense. Furthermore, having a clean office environment contributes to excellent employee safety and productivity. Absenteeism costs employers an average of $1,685 per employee annually. Whether you offer your employees a healthy work environment or not, ensuring that your office is clean is worth it.