Here are some of the relationships 301 has fostered:

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creativity is about adopting others' perspectives and through individualized approaches — refining.

Life is about choices and what those choices lead to. My birth parents had a huge one brewing for nine months (spoiler alert, it was me!). Do we abort, keep it, or put it up for adoption? Their decision — my fate, simply put, was to live. Fully.  

301 — my childhood home address. I was adopted into that Arts and Crafts home. And I’m forever grateful for the opportunities that were given to me.


Chances are, like me, life has thrown you a few curve balls. Then. Something clicked for you though.


For me, I was tossed around from job to job as I honed my craft as a creative professional. But I was still so hungry for more. It was at that point that I decided to go “freelance”. At that point, I knew there was something right about what I was producing, something right about the attention to detail I was overly compulsive about, something about the creative direction I saw that I yearned to pursue.


You’re here still reading this because something caught your attention and you wanted to learn more. You probably understand the importance of having great photography and graphic design work. Great photographers and designers are easy to come by. I get that. Reliable, responsive, timely and professional. Great creatives? Now that’s a different beast right there.


People come to me because of the possibilities they want to discover...

The question isn’t “oh, hey man, can you make a dope logo for me?” Of course I can, but that isn’t the right way to frame the question. The question should be: What’s different or special about what you do, and how can WE best showcase that?


Whether you’re seeking:

  • A new brand

  • Lifestyle images

  • Product photography

  • Layout design work

  • Headshots or portraits

  • Interior/exterior architectural photos

  • Product mockups

  • Industry standard image retouching

  • Videography

  • A presentation designed

  • Website layout created

301 Original’s design, photography, and video expertise is nothing short of professional and I look to create works of art from all projects I accept.

So, what can I do for ya?